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No Orlando vacation would be complete without a visit to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Welcoming you and your family to experience the extremes of fairy tale and fantasy the Magic Kingdom is one of the four theme parks located at Disney World Resort. As the most popular family vacation destination in Orlando, the Magic Kingdom is sure to delight the whole family. The Magic Kingdom experience is an enchanting adventure covering 107 acres of whimsical landscape, with 7 magical lands surrounding the world famous Cinderella Castle that sits in the middle of it all.




As you explore all seven lands, you will be captivated by the seemingly endless bounty of attractions, including getting to meet and greet your favorite Disney characters. With so much to offer, The Magic Kingdom is a dream come true for the young and young at heart.

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Disney Magic Kingdom Theme Park Attractions


Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor-One of The Magic Kingdom’s most popular comedy show, inspired by the lovable 3-D animated characters from “Monster, Inc.” presented by Disney/ Pixar. At Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor, your family will laugh out loud from the hilarious jokes told by the top monster comedians. Mike Wazowski is your “Monster of Ceremonies,” though out the performance. Help provide the whole city of Monstropolis with electricity with your uncontrollable laughter. During the show, text your own personal favorite jokes to the monster comedians, and they just might share them right there on the live stage. This hilarious show is found in “Tomorrowland.”

The Haunted Mansion- Located in “Liberty Square,” this famous, classic attraction takes you through a haunted mansion, where anything could happen. Take a ride aboard a “Doom Buggy” exploring an 18th century haunted mansion with your ghostly host. Special effects and world-class animatronics cast a creepy spell over the mansion. The Haunted Mansion is the best place to go for creepy sights, scary creatures, and the undead.

Pirates of the Caribbean– Easily found in Adventureland at The Magic Kingdom, this world famous, classic attraction is the first ride to be so popular it inspired a Hollywood blockbuster movie series. Come see where it all started as you explore the world of Caribbean pirates, where Captain Jack Sparrow is in hiding and bands of pirates are lurking all around. All isn’t just smooth sailing, however, as a sudden drop over a waterfall puts you right in the middle of a fearsome pirate battle. Keep your eyes open as you pass through the plundered town, you just might spot Captain Jack Sparrow as he searches for the secret treasure map!

Splash Mountain- Inspired by Br'er Rabbit and his quest for laughter and adventure, Splash Mountain is an iconic log ride found only at The Magic Kingdom. Splash Mountain is one of 3 fabulous mountain attractions that make Frontierland a must visit land of the Magic Kingdom Park. Prepare to get wet from the wild twists, turns, and drops through rushing water!

Walt Disney World Railroad- View all seven of The Magic Kingdom’s lands aboard this wonderful antique steam-powered locomotive. This picturesque tour across the wonderful lands of Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park gives you and your family a chance to see it all and plan your day in The Magic Kingdom. Departing from Main Street, U.S.A., this scenic railroad ride gives you an excellent opportunity to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the magnificent scenery.


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - minimum height requirement is 40 inches.

Splash Mountain - minimum height requirement is 40 inches.

Space Mountain - minimum height requirement is 44 inches.

Tomorrowland Speedway – must be at least 54 inches to ride alone or at least 32 inches to ride along.

Stitch's Great Escape – minimum height requirement is 40 inches.

What's New At the Park?

During the last few months the Walt Disney World® Resort has created many new enhancements to the queue lines at several of the most popular attractions to make wait times more fun. New especially themed interactive elements have been added to the queue areas at Dumbo the Flying Elephant, The Haunted Mansion, and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, helping to turn wait times into play times.

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