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Cirque du Soleil Tickets

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Cirque du Soleil La Nouba™ La Nouba is a spectacular and enthralling avant-garde circus experience performed by world famous Cirque du Soleil exclusively at Downtown Disney’s West Side area at the Walt Disney World Resort.


Not Your Everyday Circus Experience



Cirque du Soleil La Nouba Orlando

No other experience could possibly prepare you for the experience of La Nouba and Cirque de Soleil. This masterfully scored evening of entertainment will leave you breathless with wonder.

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Don’t miss out on the wonder of this one-of-a-kind theatrical extravaganza. "Live it up" at this spellbinding Cirque du Soleil® presentation, a must-see for anyone who appreciates a truly amazing evening of breathtaking entertainment, created exclusively for the Walt Disney World® Resort.

What is La Nouba™??

When a door opens and two worlds collide, no one can guess what will happen next. In the world of make-believe dreams clash with reality and the mundane mixes with the marvelous. As the worlds combine, they create a new world: La Nouba. Cirque du Soleil La Nouba Orlando, is a mesmerizing and dazzling avant-garde circus experience brought to you by the incredible Cirque du Soleil, found exclusively at the Downtown Disney West Side area at Walt Disney World Resort.

La Nouba takes place at a specially built theater created just for Cirque du Soleil. This exciting show's international cast of over 65 acrobats, athletes, and performance artists from 15 different countries from around the world will amaze you with their daring acts of grace.

La Nouba means "to party, to live it up," and this theme is made clear through the energetic performances, the brightly colored costumes, and the inspiring live music.

Find out why thousands of fans have left this Cirque du Soleil performance in awe of the spectacular feats and the indescribable beauty of this incredible show. Be inspired to celebrate life where ever you are. See what makes "the impossible, possible."

See all the beauty, excitement, and magic up close for yourself, when you attend a performance of La Nouba!

La Nouba makes the ordinary seem extraordinary, firing your imagination from beginning to end with opulent sets, mesmerizing choreography, brilliant theatrical lighting, and provocative music. Featuring daring high wire feats and flying trapezes artists, stunning acro-gymnastic performances, and other reality defying examples of coordination and strength, La Nouba promises to surprise, delight, and mystify. Visit La Nouba, where anything can happen.

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