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Disney World Orlando

Walt Disney World Orlando is than just a theme park. Now a series of four amazing theme parks, two distinct water parks, and more, it's no wonder Walt Disney World Orlando is most popular family vacation destination. With so much to do and see, you'll want to plan plenty of time to see and experience it all!

New attractions and entertainments are being added all the time, so each visit is new. The Disney parks are home to the hottest thrill rides and special treats for kids of all ages. Visitors love experiencing beloved classics, meeting their favorite Disney characters, seeing the fabulous parades, and wonderful fireworks.

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Research Disney World

The Magic Kingdom is Walt Disney World’s feature theme park. One of 4 theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort, The Magic Kingdom takes you and your family into enchanting of fairy tales filled with exciting entertainment, old and new favored attractions, backstage tours, and lovable Disney Characters. Setup like a wheel with the hub in front of Cinderella’s Castle, pathways spread out across the 107 acres of The Magic Kingdom theme park making it easy to navigate.

At Epcot®, experience a taste of the future when cutting edge technology and Disney imagination are applied to wondrous diverse cultures at two distinct worlds: Future World and World Showcase. Both worlds will captivate and thrill you with their exciting options.


Disney's Hollywood Studios, one of the 4 theme parks found at Walt Disney World Resort, gives families a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Hollywood-style action by presenting live shows, backstage tours, thrilling attractions, and special events that can only be found at this Disney Park exclusively dedicated to the entertainment world.


Disney's Animal Kingdom is one of 4 theme parks located at Walt Disney World Resort. This special theme park is a wild mix of attractions, adventures, and entertainment that showcase Walt Disney's dedication to the Earth and animal conservation. Animal Kingdom leads industry in animal care, education, and research.

Providing a home for over 1,700 animals from 250 different species and spread out across 500 acres of gorgeous natural landscaping, Disney's Animal Kingdom is the bigest animal-themed park in the world!

Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park, one of 2 water parks located at Walt Disney World Resort, presents one of the world's tallest and fastest free-falling waterslides, in addition to a fantastic array of water slides and rides for the whole family, including a special area for your smallest family members featuring a kid-sized, snow-castle fountain play area with scaled-down versions of the more exciting attractions, so no one in your family is left out of the fun.

According to Disney legend, the snow-capped mountains of Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park were originally meant to be a ski resort.

After a bizarre snow storm hit tropical Florida, a ski resort quickly sprang up to take advantage of all the snow with slalom courses, toboggan slides, and iceberg walkways. But just as quickly as it came, the cold temps went away and the tropical heat returned. The whole resort quickly began to melt. So, now what?

A clever alligator had a brilliant idea! Wrapped up in a scarf and hat, the Ice Gator went sliding down the now snow free ski jump, and shouted 'Yahoooo!' all the way down to land with a big splash in the newly formed pool of melted snow at the base of the mountain. The slushy, slippery slopes quickly became a thrilling ski themed water park.

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, one of 2 Water Parks hosted by Walt Disney World Resort, provides fabulous water-filled attractions for the whole family, including swift flowing waterslides and a children's area with pint-sized raft rides. Jump and splash in 6-foot waves in the Surf Pool and snorkel Shark Reef alongside real sharks!

According to Disney legend, Typhoon Lagoon was created in the wake of the storm-of-storms. During this meteorological aberration, surfboards were flung up into palm trees and boats were thrown into the air to land on the thatched roofs of beach houses or even higher up on the mountains.

One poor shrimp boat, Miss Tilly, on a journey from Safen Sound, Florida, found itself swept up by the twisting tides of the fierce typhoon. The storm was so strong its force flung the boat all the way up to the peak of volcanic mountain, Mount Mayday.

Miss Tilly, the shrimp boat, is still up there, impaled and precariously perched. Every half hour, the boat's whistle blows, and the volcano attempts to dislodge its resident by bursting, causing an enormous geyser of water to shoot up into the sky.

After the storm swept back out to sea, the Disney legend says Mount Mayday became the source of a wide variety of waterslides. All around the volcano is a 56-acre topsy-turvy tropical paradise filled with tons of waterways, rivers, rapids, and slides making the perfect a sun-drenched Water Park.

DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive theme park is an out of this world gaming experience located in Downtown Disney. Explore 5 floors of cutting-edge technology, virtual reality, and 3D encounters like only Disney innovation and imagination could bring you.

Make sure you check out Pirates of the Caribbean, a Virtual Jungle Cruise, CyberSpace Mountain, Buzz Lightyear's Astroblasters, Animation Academy, and so many more places!

La Nouba is a spectacular and enthralling avant-garde circus experience performed by world famous Cirque du Soleil exclusively at Downtown Disney’s West Side area at the Walt Disney World Resort.

La Nouba takes place at a specially built theater created just for Cirque du Soleil. This exciting show's international cast of over 65 acrobats, athletes, and performance artists from 15 different countries from around the world will amaze you with their daring acts of grace.

La Nouba means "to party, to live it up," and this theme is made clear through the energetic performances, the brightly colored costumes, and the inspiring live music.

With the Disney Magic Your Way Ticket, you can experience it all from The Magic Kingdom®’s fairy tale adventures, Epcot®’s view into the future, Disney's Hollywood Studios’ entertainment venue, and Disney's Animal Kingdom®’s animal adventure. For even more fun, purchase the Water Park Fun & More Option with your Disney Magic Your Way Ticket and get to experience all four of the Disney Theme Parks plus Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park, DisneyQuest® Indoor Interactive Theme Park, Disney's Wide World of Sports® Complex and Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course. We offer several discount ticket packages for 3-Days to 10-Days of Disney family fun!

*All Disney Magic Your Way Tickets are non-transferable and expire 14 Days from first use, unless the No Expiration Option is added. Tickets must be used by the same guest each time for the duration of the ticket.

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