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Pirates Dinner Adventure Tickets

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Pirates Dinner Adventure Tickets

You and your family can experience a live adventure so thrilling and so daring, you’ll never forget it. Such a wild adventure can only be found at the Pirates Dinner Adventure Show, located just a few minutes away from the Universal Studios Orlando Resort. This dining experience is the most interactive, action packed entertainment show to found in the world. It will take you and your family to the on an extremely delightful adventure deep on the high seas.

At Pirates Dinner Adventure, you are not just a passive audience member, but an integral part of the on going adventure. Along with the pirate crew, you and your family will set out to explore the world of ruthless pirates and hidden treasures.

We are proud to offer the best discount tickets to be found online to this one of a kind dinner show in Orlando. Order your tickets now. Taxes are always included in the prices!!

Pirate's Dinner Adventure

Orlando’s Pirates Dinner Adventure offers a unique and interactive family entertainment and dinner show like no other. Unlike other shows, this interactive experience allows you to explore and become part of the riveting drama filled with action-adventure, romance, and comedy. On top of the exciting story, a sumptuous dinner feast is provided for you and your family, plus a celebratory after party event at Buccaneer Bash.

The Pirate Show

Pirates Dinner Adventure Show takes you back in time to the 18th century, a time when pirate invasions in the Caribbean were common. The action takes place on a giant replica of an 18th century Spanish gallon, accompanied by smaller ships led by ruthless pirates. Audience members are set up as voyagers in the ships and will have the opportunity to talk and mingle with the cast of actors and musicians. This action packed adventure includes fearsome cannon blasts and lots of cheers and laughter.

n the story, you and your family are pirate captives along with the beautiful Princess Anita and her court, being held hostage by a group of reckless pirates. The dastardly Captain Sebastian the Black wants to kill the Prince and take away Princess Anita. This fascinating experience puts you in the middle of endless action, sword-fights and daring stunts right along with the entire cast.

King’s Festival Buffet

Prior to the beginning of the show, enjoy the splendid pre-show banquet at the King’s Festival as special guests of Princess Anita. While consuming appetizers from the buffet, you will also have the opportunity to meet and talk with the crew before the show. But make sure to save room for the grand feast awaiting you when the action starts.

The Pirate Feast

A meal at Pirates Dinner Adventure is a unique and elaborate affair to remember. Enjoy a delicious dinner menu including fresh garden salads, Treasure's chicken, Buccaneer Beef or Roast Pork accompanied by West Indies Rice and steamed vegetables or roasted red potatoes and completed by Princess Anita's royal desert. Vegetarian meals are available upon request. Unlimited soda and coffee are included. (Alcoholic beverages available at the cash bar.)

Buccaneer Bash

End your action packed evening with an after show party with the crew at the Buccaneer Bash. This after show event is a perfect way to end the evening at the Pirates Dinner Adventure Show. You’ll have the opportunity to party with the pirate crew, dancing to the popular music of a 70’s style disco.

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